Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint SZ



Jaartal -
Kilometerstand 61218 KM
Prijs POA

Extra information

Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ BARNFIND

This car was original build in 1960 and first registrated in 1965. We have some original records from the aotomobile club d’italia from 1960 until 1971. After 1971 the car was out of registration and left on a field with nobody to take care of it for many years.
In the 90’s the car was found and rebuild completely ( aluminium body and some interior repairs) they also had to find a new Giulietta engine because the original one was missing when they found the car. In 1995 the car was registered again. In 2001 the then owners renewed the registration which results that there are at the moment 2 VIN numbers in the car, in the current registration in the car recognized as a Alfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ.
After 2001 we have no records of the car and we believe the car has been in a barn for over 15 years.

The Giulietta SZ was in it’s time a very powerful sports car with the lightweight construction and the very well thought- out streamline.
The car is based on the shorter chassis of the Giulietta Spider and equipped with the technique of the Sprint Veloce, Franco Scaglione built an aluminium body at Zagato. The construction of the bodywork took 300 hours. To save even more weight, the side windows and rear window were made of plexiglass.

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