Porsche 911S



Jaartal 1977
Kilometerstand 162500
Prijs 39500 euro

Extra information

Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7S

The 911 is the driver car par excellence currently.
Known spotty, adored o.w.v. his looks and this explains why the popularity is still increasing. The race horses among the 911 models have already found their home. The "affordable" but especially good ones are harder to find. This is one of them.

This is a purebred 911, in 2.7S version, built in Germany. Being a European copy only increases the value increase.

This 911 is in good general condition. The paintwork is neat, interior tight and beautiful for unrestored. Technically top. The engine runs stably, starts smoothly and adjusts well. The beauty of this specimen is that it has remained original.

Furthermore, the dots are put on the i before delivery. For example, we provide the 911 with a check-up and fresh maintenance, we take care of the old-time inspection in Belgium and we provide a 12-month guarantee.

As Mecanic Import we have been the reference for more than 25 years regarding Cult Cars! From Préwar through Classics to Racery.

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