AC Cobra 427 by Dax



Jaartal 1975
Kilometerstand -
Prijs 65.000 euro

Extra information

New Dart lower block based on a 351w. This block can handle 1200 hp.
5735cc block is bored and stroked to 427 cu.

- Aluminium heads, only used best and new stuff (bearings and crankshaft).
- Custom gravel camshaft and power of 500hp and 750Nm.
- Hp's detuned and torque increased by custom camshaft.
- Transmission: 5 speed Tremec TKO, gear changes smoothly, short and direct.
- 65 liter fuel tank
- Stainless steel with inner partitions and suction box
- Headers; stainless steel custom spaghetti made to measure
- Suspension; the dion rear axle and camber compensation front suspension, the more expensive option from Dax.

This car is sold with 1 year warranty.