Jaartal 1990
Kilometerstand 161112 kms
Prijs 45000 EUR

Extra information

In 1989, the Z1 was a modern car. The Z1 was not initially developed as a production car but as a prototype to explore and develop all kinds of innovations. For example, a galvanized steel chassis with plastic body parts (we are talking about the 80s where rust was still a real thing), a new rear axle that only came years later on the 3 series. The Z1 has fairly simple technology. The engine (170 hp) and many other parts are from an E30 325i. So besides the doors and bodywork, no exotic parts and not too many electronics. The car seems to be well engineered aerodynamically. The fact that the opened roof completely disappears into the bodywork is good thing.

The car appears much more modern than it is. Many people are surprised when they hear that the car is 32 years old. How does it drive? Nice car with a nice creamy 6 in line, 2494cc engine. The seating position and interior space is really positive.

This car had 3 owners before and is offered with German paperwork and invoices.

Car has been well maintained by the last owner, as he is a mechanic. Technically the car is in very good condition. Engine starts and sounds perfectly. The shifter shifts very smoothly. Tires are like new.

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