Ford Cobra 427 Superformence



Jaartal 1965
Kilometerstand 2581 KM
Prijs -

Extra information

The Superformance Mk III is the only Cobra replica built under license from Carroll Shelby licensing. They are engineered in the image of the original and are dimensionally and aesthetically correct. Factory built using new parts, they are then delivered to the customer who has the choice of which drivetrain to install. Carroll Shelby said of the Cobra, "It's a massive motor in a tiny lightweight car". Taking the old axe that "there is no replacement for displacement" to heart, a 460-cubic in V8 was shoe-horned into this one. (7500 cc & 485 HP)

Meticulous attention to detail in the design and construction of this car shows itself in both obvious ways, and in ways that evoke a feeling that you can't quite explain by pointing to something. Fit and finish and the quality of the paint obviously live up to the Superformance reputation for first class workmanship. You can point to things like the way the Aeroquip lines run to the oil cooler in the huge grill and to the rivets in the hood. Side pipes are a way to get the car lower to the ground by not having to fit a massive exhaust system underneath the car. And talk about evoking a feeling? The sound of those pipes from both the inside the car, or as a bystander, gets your heart pounding! Massive fender flares, the hood scoop, racing stripes, roll bar and knock oof wheels true to the original Halibrands all add to a complete and perfect package for this Ford Cobra 427 Superformance.

The car is in prestine condition and ready to be enjoyed on the road!