Gulf-Miller Special



Jaartal 1938
Prijs 78000 Euro

Extra information

The car you see here is a true work of art from that final Miller era. It is a complete alloy-bodied recreation of Miller's arguably most beautiful, if not successful, race car, the GULF-MILLER SPECIAL.

This car was painstakingly built from the ground up, with each part hand-machined and/or hand-formed. The entire design and build consumed approximately 4,000 man-hours, and the car was constructed by master craftsman, Gary Babineau, who has recreated more open-wheel Indianapolis race cars than anyone presently living. This was his 18th creation, but the first of this model.

Our Gulf-Miller features an aluminum 3400cc Jaguar inline 6-cylinder engine, a ZF transmission, and a body that is entirely made of hand-formed alloy. This is a true one-of-a-kind. Originally three Gulf-Millers were built. Two were destroyed in fires: the only existing original is exhibited at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. Visually, this car is an exact copy of the car on display at the Speedway Museum. This is the closest one get to a real Gulf-Miller.

Ready to enjoy, whether as a driver, in a collection, or as a competitor on the racetrack. To the latter end, the car has a valid and current SVRA logbook. The car is also titled as a 1938 Miller and is street-legal with easily-removable headlights and turn signals. Fresh build with only test miles.

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