Lancia Aprilia Boneschi Barchetta project



Jaartal 1950
Prijs 52000 EUR

Extra information

Lancia aprilia Boneschi barchetta.

Rolling chassis project. This project was abandoned during the restauration.
Chassis is already restored, the 4 cylinder engine is rebuild.
The complete finishing has yet to be done.

The Boneschi company was founded in 1919 by Giovanni Boneschi and was based in Cambiago, near a little airport. Initially Boneschi focussed to luxury cars, but without much success. It was only in 1922 with the launch of the innovative Lancia Lambda, that things began to change. Enrico Minetti, a Lancia commercial agent in Milan and later branch manager, proposed to Boneschi to realize his plan: selling a Lancia characterized with custom coachwork to a high-class customer. Boneschi became interested and soon began producing a limited set of Lambdas. After a short period in which Boneschi also worked for newborn Citroën Italian, from 1924 to 1926, the company returned to Lancia cars. It was at that time that Boneschi made some of his most celebrated creations, based on the Lancia models Dilambda, Astura and Aprilia.

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