O.S.C.A. MT4 Barchetta



Jaartal 1953
Prijs POA

Extra information

OSCA MT 4 barchetta from 1953, full aluminium body.
enlarged 1453cc engine producing 110 HP.
The car comes with road registration.

Osca was founded in 1947 by Ernesto Maserati and his two 
brothers Ettore and Bindo who had all left Maserati after their ten-year contract.
The Osca factory was located in San Lazzaro di Savena outside Bologna. Their basic business goal was to develop an automobile to compete in the 1100cc racing class.
Osca’s first automobile was the MT4. The 1092cc engine, which produced 53 kW, had a FIAT-derived block, alloy head, and the bodywork was built as a two-seater Barchetta. The MT4 first raced in 1948 at the Pescara circuit and the Grand Prix of Naples, where it was driven to a win by Luigi Villoresi. The engine was modified to 1342cc form (66kW) in 1949.
In 1950, a new DOHC raised power to a Maximum of 74 kW and in 1953 the engine was enlarged to 1453cc producing 81 kW.

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