Renault Dauphine 1093



Jaartal 1962
Kilometerstand 5033
Prijs 42000 Euro

Extra information

prepared for regularity (original seats are available), engine preparation, full restored in 2017, perfect condition.

Engine is a Renault 4CV/Dauphine/Caravelle/Alpine 1093 style (long block). This engine was professionally built by Carobu Engineering and features many special details that make this engine outstanding. The goal in building this engine was to make an improved version of the Renault Dauphine 1093 (Rally) engine, but retain the streetability of the original engine.

The cylinder head was ported, flow tested, special stainless steel intake and exhaust valves (5mm stems), titanium retainers, special valve guides, spring/seats and new rocker arms. Flow was increased by 27% of the standard cylinder head.

A custom camshaft was developed using high-end engine simulation software to ensure good power and street-friendly torque. Maximum horsepower is designed to peak at 6.000 rpm and maximum torque at 3.500 rpm.

The bore was increased to 60mm. The con rods were rebuilt with new rod bolts, the crank reconditioned and the whole lower end was dynamically balanced for smooth, high rpm running.

Additionally, the water pump was rebuilt with a new black plate and seal. The front pulley was sleeved to create a fresh seal surface. The block, crank and rods were magnafluxed. All new gaskets and seals. The flywheel was resurfaced. The distributor drive is installed.

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